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Fire Doors

Fire doors are a vital fire prevention strategy to have within your residential or commercial property. Allowing you up to 60 minutes for everyone in your building to escape. 




Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are significant in the process of early warnings to a fire in both domestic and commercial buildings. In doing so this allows for a sale and effcient evacuation to preserve life, as well as the potential to stopn the fire completely before coming uncontrollable.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems ensure a safe and quick evacuation in the event of a fire. These lights will illuminate the exits; even during power loss in the event of a fire.


Fire Extinguishers

These active devices help ypu manage small scale fires, preventing them from becoming uncontrollable alongside minimising any potential damage. 



Fire Stopping

This is a form of passive fire protection. Techniques like these will help delay the spread of any potential fires, most importantly to the buildings main escape routes such as staircases and fire doors.

Servicing Maintenance

Servicing your fire equipment regularly is esstential to maintain the upkeep of all devices to ensure effcient results when used. This will prevent any possible faults in the system. 

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